Friday, August 15, 2008

To the one

who doesnt make any fuss in life

who cooks on his own and manages the home perfectly in my absence

who never used to move his b**t, but now cleans the home every weekend

who actually comes home to a locked door, but still knocks thinking I would come to open the door

who cannot match a pant & shirt,and hence calls me to ask if a grey shirt would match with black pants

who sits reminiscing about me all day

who has wrapped me in chains of love

I love you and am missing you terribly .Cant wait to be back with you.



so do I edey..... oh!!!! Its so much of a nice n sweet pain to miss my darling :-)

ss said...

I knw...its tuff edey..miss just breaking...miss u

pooja said...

Awww poor you. Where are you? India?Dont worry. Being away and gettiong together later is fun too.Hugs

clueless said...

Purusana konjam thaniya vidumma.Just kidding

satish said...

orey the loves :D..anyway nice to see both of u so mad abt each other :)

Albert Einstein said...

Able to feel what you have written. Wanted to write something but not sure what... Very emotional.

ss said...

not in India, am at my sis place in CA

ya thaniya thaan vitturukken.pavam avan


i had tears rolling down my cheeks wen i rote this post.