Monday, May 7, 2007

Foul Mood

Hmm. there are quite a few things that cud cause a mood swing or may push one into a foul mood.These neednt be generally happening to everyone, but ya, they do happen somtimes.And they could be a hangover of an incident that happened the previous day.
Now thats wat happened with me atleast!
The series started with a discussion/ argument/ fight/ difference of opinion ( name it anything u want to) with SID the previous night...allright, i thought am goin to have a nice day the next morning.Oh!I was wrong. I woke up with a bad headache( it sucks to have a headache in the mornings), found out that my clothes werent pressed, and as a result got delayed, miss the train to office, later somehow manage to reach office , hurrying to the seat and trying to log in only to find that the system gets locked due to incorrect entering of password repeatedly, then get the system unlocked with the systems guy's help and I try to take a breath. sorry..I get a call from my boss with he dictating something over the fone and asking me to make some notes..and its precisely the same moment, that I find my pen doesnt write and that it needs a REFILL!
I make up my mind to get working and .... I get a call..and oh ya its from SID. I think its a call for a patch up, but no, its something else totally!Forget it!
I dont know what to do...Wat do I do with all these happening on the same day? I sit n BLOG..ya thats right!

Ps: Is it that my day was like this cos I fought the previous day?


Manoj said...

Well, this is what a bad hair day will be like, I guess...Of course, I'm not rejoicing over the need to pay more attention to details, may be...

Bharath said...

I have had such days too. They are just beyond your control

ss said...

@ manoj
wat r u saying? a bad hair day? am sorry, i dont get u.


sudha said...

such series of events?Now I know why you were so sulken that day.SID paavum