Friday, May 18, 2007

The Vegetable Biriyani

I had the sudden urge to make vegetable biriyani
Surfed the web for some interesting recipes of the biriyani
Finally, called amma and asked her
Sooooo excited about cooking biriyani
Even soaked the raw rice in water for half an hour so that the biryani turns out all fluffy
Fried onions, beans, carrots, beetroots, potatoes
Added some fresh peas too
Then tossed in everything with the soaked rice , mixed it well

umm smells going to love this one!"_ I said to myself

Cant really wait for it to cook-I am always impatient when it comes to waiting for the food to eat
Transferred the tossed vegetables and rice to the pressure cooker and added water
Fried some cashews and raisins in ghee ( ya, high calories, but never mind) to be added in the end
I wait impatinetly for the biriyani to cook
Fortunately, I was chatting with Sid and that helped me patiently wait for the biriyani to be cooked
After about 15 minutes, I realised with a startle that...

I indeed forgot to add SALT.

Ps: I did add the salt later on....and I did enjoy the biriyani to the core.


sudha said...

food for thot..good post..well im planing to try briyani tis weekend.,..hey jus remind me to put salt or keep giving me miss calls :0))))))to find hw it turns out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the biriyani was REALLY tasty

priya said...

oh that was interesting and did u not add any masalas!!! my mouth started to water and i also started feeling hungry and had the urge to eat biriyani :)

ss said...

@ priya
illa..salt mattum thaan maranthen..but fortunately, remembered it b4 it was too late.

Narayanan said...

idhu pulav illaya ?

biriyani'na mudhalla rice'a ccok pannitu appuram fried veg'oda serthu kelari viduvanga.

pulav'na veg ellam mudhallaye fry pannitu appuram you mix with soaked rice and pressure cook..appadithaane ?

Anyways I used to make the latter method. kadaisila mix pannum podhu dhaan salt add pannuven. adding before pressure cooking doesnt seem to have much effect (atleast the way I used to make). oru friend'oda family'e taste pannirukku. so the method turned out that uruppudi enough :)

ss said...

narayanan, am not a professional cook.etho enga amma pannaratha paathu kathundathu thaan. i add salt rite away, so that i knw to adjust it later on if incase there is xcess salt. anyways, i was lucky enuff that the biriyani turned out tasty.
and i dint knw u cook..ya ought to b cos u had lived in the ippo b'lorelayum unga samayal thaana?

Narayanan said...

naan mattum professional cook'a ? Infact I learnt from a roommate in early days of student life. inga vandhu kitchen pakkame ponadhilla. I get namma oor sapadu for a cost thats affordable for the pain it takes to cook and worse to clean the cooked vessels, why would I .

Praveen said...

So u will cook Veg Briyani nicely rite..gud.So ill come to ur house one day to taste it and tell my comments on it ok.Ha ha!!!