Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The arrival of Navarathri is always associated with pomp and splendour.It is that time of the year

when schools close for vaccation
when kids are at their playful mood
when the kolu bommais are taken from the paran and religiously cleaned
when every little furniture at home is made to be a part of the instant kolu stand
when mustard seeds and green gram is made to sprout to be used as a park/ garden for your kolu
when dhavanis and pattu pavaidais see some light out of the cupboard and the girls gracefully wearing them to invite people for the kolu
when one lady outdoes another in consciously picking up a novel gift to be given along with the vethalai pakku
when each variety of sundal is planned for each day
when the kids make a bee line to various houses just to get the sundal
when all of us eagerly await the Saraswati pooja.

Now with the Navarathri halfway through, my loot for the week is 4 coconuts, 6 kannadis, 6 multi colour combs,4 kumkumam and 4 manjal dabbas and 2 ever silver kinnams. I have nothing to complain about.


Clueless said...

Neat post. You really rock when it comes to writing about subtle things in a nice way.Hats off to you.This post made me feel nostalgic for a while. I remember how we "payyans" used to visit the nearby homes for getting to taste the sundal. Athulayum I love the black kadalai sundal.But on the flip side, I regret am not a girl, because I dont get a loot like you get.And ya, love to bird watch some girls in pavadai dhavani.

pooja said...

This post was too nostalgic for me.I remember how me and my sister would go to every neighbour's house and invite them home for the kolu.
LOL! at the 4 kumkum dabbas and ever silver kinnams.You always add a pinch of humour in all your posts. Way to go girlie.

Albert Einstein said...

Good and a neat post :-). You girls have so many things to RECEIVE during navarathri. For guys, only thing we get during Navarathri is SOME WORK with Kolu set and SUNDAL :-). Nothing other than that. Anyways, enjoy the navarathri and expecting a POST with your FULL set of LOOT during Navarathri.

ss said...


oh ya, girls rule the roost wen it comes to dressin up, celebartions, festivals. i personally feel festivals r being celebrated just to give us girls yet another special day to dress up. the full loot? hmm..i shall tell u at the end of the navarathri.

Amisha said...

Gud post Dudette!!! have no experience in navarathri celebrations but i recollected some of the moments of navarathri celebrations at ur house :)

Sriram said...

super post ma.. mannichukko for late reading and reply.. nice one.. so navarathri mudinjae poachu naan adikkaradhukkulla.. so un kanakku ippo yevalo for this navarathri? :D
super ah yezhudhi nalla nostalgic stuffs laam thoondi vittutta..
indha maadhri navarathri time la yevalo iyer ponnunga pattu paavadai la sight adichuruppaen..
nice sight.. i mean andha kolam..:P..

ss said...

ya, it was so much having so many ppl arnd.

no issues on reading the posts late. am glad that u come back to read atleast