Friday, October 5, 2007

You know......

You know you have come of age and on your own when....

You got to cook food yourself three times a day.

There is no vegetable in the fridge and you suddenly remember that you only have to get it.

You have to cut onions yourself.

You have to get up to open the door for your maid servant in the morning.

You buy Harpic and actually use it every week.

You need to keep track of the money all by yourself.

You know work sucks when....

Your boss is out of station and you never knew it.

You spend most of the day with tea breaks and snack breaks.

Blogging and orkutting seems to be the order of the day.

But after all this, you know life still has something nice to offer when....

Your love calls you just to find out how you are doing and if you ate properly.

You hear your niece talking some kiddy talk over the phone and your sister narrating stories about her.

Every weekend, you have some or the other delicacy being sent from your wud be in law's place.

You can do what you want to, go out when you want to, after all, for there is no one at home and you stay alone.

Some things like these, ya just some things like these tell me that life is at its best for me.


Albert Einstein said...

Excellent blog!!! Amazing to read such good writing. For sure, another writer in the making!!!!

ss said...

thank u for being so generous with ur compliments.

Clueless said...

Wot a post
Cool one.Guys generally dont bother about all these. Me and my room mates dont bother much to keep the room clean and leave everything to the servant.I remember how you maintained your house in Pune. Lol at buying harpic.You always add some humour to what you write. Great

sudha said...

The first part is very funny.You have expressed things so nicely. Keep up the good work

ss said...

I really dont knw how guys mainatin their rooms n toilets. i shud ask HE abt it.and ya, i actually hated cleaning the toilets..and man proposes god disposes...hmmpphhh

thank u

pooja said...

Awesome post.I can easily relate to what you have written. I too hated cooking and now I am doing it all on my own. Man! and now I know how my Mom has worked over the years. Great writing skills on your part. Way to go girl

ss said...

thank u, i have always enjoyed cooking. but the only thing i dreaded and hated 2 the core was cutting onions...but now, i cut atkeast 2 onions daily..ohhh

MSV Muthu said...

//Blogging and orkutting seems to be the order of the day.

exactly the way, how i got to know you and your blog today. i've been reading some of your posts today, they are witty and to the point.