Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HE SHE pesindaaley ....

HE & SHE are engaged and very few days left for the wedding

SHE is trying to reach HE from morning, but HE for some reason has not been able to pick up the phone call

SHE: Hello
HE: Hey sollu
SHE: enna ithu, phone edukka ivlo neram? enna pannina inniku? naan kaarthala irunthu unakku try pannaren theriyuma?
HE: Oh sorry ma, phone eduthu pakka kooda time illa theriyuma. Officela neraya velai, 3 weeks leavela porathunala, ella workum seekiram mudikkanum.
SHE: Athu seri, unakku enna pathi nenachu paaka enga time irukkum.
HE: Hey appdi ellam onnum illa. innikku konjam busy avlo thaan. naan unna pathi thaan 24 hrsum nenachundu irukken theriyuma?
SHE: Hmm,innikku lunch saapdarachey enna nenachiya?
HE: Athu vanthu..vanthu..err...
SHE: Po, nee romba busy, athula enna pathi nenaikka kooda unakku time illa, aana naan innikku madhyanam vetha kuzhambu saapdarachey, unna pathi thaan nenachen
HE :Naan innikku verum bread thaan ma saapten, naanum vetha kuzhambu saaptu iruntha unna pathi nenachuruppen.
SHE: Ei, enna jokea?naan evlo seriousa sollindu irukken, nee ippdi pesara?enakku evlo kashtama irukku theriyuma un kooda pesama. innum 10 naal thaan namma kalyanathukku irukku, enakku evlo exciteda irukku theriyuma? antha excitementa un kooda share pannikalamnu phone pannina, nee romba busynu sollara.
HE: Illa ma, naan joke pannala, sorry.
SHE: Nee onnum pesatha, enakku kashtamavum irukku, excitedavum irukku
HE: Enna kozhappara?
SHE: Aamam, excited for the wedding and that I would start a new life with you, but sad for leaving my family, appa amma
HE: Hmmm
SHE: Enna hmm? yean varutha padara, athaan naan irukkenennu solla maatiya?
HE: Ayyo, illa ma, un kooda thaan naan eppovumey iruppen
SHE: Appo yean sollala?
HE: Sorry, ippo enna panna sollara?
SHE: Onnum illa, nee poi un velaya paaru
HE: Hey enna ippdi, neen sogama irukkum pothu naan mattum eppdi velaya pakkaratham?
SHE: Onnum vendaam, thideer karisanam enakku vendaam
HE: Nijamma thaan sollaren, seri , ok, evening beachkku poittu, desi sangeethala saapadalam.
SHE: How sweet, unakku en mela evlo ishtam
HE: Yean, unakku saapadu vaangi kudutha thaan un mela ishtama?
HE: Hey seri seri, naan cabinkku poren. evening meet pannalam
SHE: Po, micha sandaya evening vechukkalam
HE : $###@@@!!!!?

Disclaimer: This is purely imaginative and is not me and my HE.


Albert Einstein said...

I was initially confused not knowing who THIS NEW HE and SHE are. Things are clear when I read the DISCLAIMER :-) [In fact came down to see if anything is written in the end and after reading disclaimer, continued from where I left in the beginning]. Excellent!!!! [as usual]

sudha said...

hey good post re...i had good fun reading it!!actually was imagining u talking to Sid :-))

ss said...

thank u,. and thank god, u read the disclaimer.

thank u. y do u think i put the disclaimer?

smyLeMaKEr said...

ulagam mulukka ipdeedhaan pola! :-)

Nice 1! Looks like Uve been bitten by the he-she romance bug. Good :-)

ss said...

i just got dwn to some pure imagination. and ya, somehow the HE SHE thing appeals to me soo much

Sriram said...

subha super post..
nalla insight..
kalyaanam panradhaa vaenaamanu irukakra yenna maadhri makkal idhai paatthu yenna ninaikkanumnu neeyae sollu??

pooja said...

Yipee yet another He- She post. Its mind blowing. How do you get on to such posts man?The vatha kulambu part was so funny.I read it out to my friend here. Amazing post. No wonder you wrote the disclaimer. Very nice write up. Kudos to you

ss said...

this is only an imaginary post. so take some heart and dont worry.

thank u so much. actually, i AM quite bitten by the he she thing. Hopefully i get on some wild imagiantion for more he she posts

Yogesh said...

Nice and funny too
btw, u r obsessed with vatha kolambu

ss said...

hmm ya, i am infact obsessed with vetha kuzhambu and hence the usgae of it in the post as well

MMC said...

Nice post......just wish I could understand Tamil!!!

Amisha said...

excellent piece of work d.. had fun reading it :D

ss said...

oh ya, am sorry, cudnt help, but post it in tamil.


Clueless said...


atheppdi ella ponnungalum ippdi thaan irukkanga? Anyway, this post got me into present and is getting me prepared for future. Funny post, Naan kandippaga ennavalai beach park endru kooti kondu poven

ss said...


am glad my post is making u gear up for ur future.gud luck