Friday, November 30, 2007

Best of Luck

Time aachu innum kelambalaiya?

10 manikku exam, innum breakfast saapadala, traffic vera irukkum, seekiram kelambu

Black pen, pencil eraser sharpener ellam eduthu vechacha? Ellamey 2 vechukko, onnu seriya illatti kooda innonnu use pannikalam.

Question paper kaila vantha udaney, oru fast reading pannu, apparam, therinja questionsa mark pannu

Therinja questionsa first ezhuthu

Last 10 minutes papera check panna vechuko

Naan sonnathu ellam nyabagam vechuko, maranthudathey. Tension aagathey.


yes, the above conversation was between an 8 year old son and his father (my neighbour) who was appearing for the Bank officer promotion exam last week.


Sriram said...

hahaha.. amazing post subha..
payyan kalakkitaan.. spl. ah yen regards sollu..
avanga nainaa galeej ah mark vaanginaa, payyan yenna solluvaan nu kaelu..
nainaa later ushaar aayiduvaaru...

hahaha.. am laughing bulti adichu.. kalakkitta..

ss said...

thanks for the quick comment.ya he is a smart chap. i happened to open the door to pick up the newspaper when i heard these dialogues.i was laughing like mad for more than 10 mins.


very funny,
actually this type of situation took place between my father and me.
he was preparing for his M.Com exams , and i wanted him to score that he will not be able to make any comment on my performance.n i was very disappointed when the results arrived

ss said...

u say my post is funny, but i was laughing after reading ur comment.i was quite amazed at that kids level of interaction.

pooja said...

LOLs at the conversation here, least expected that a boy was saying this to his dad. Cool post as usual. Very funny. He is for sure a smartie huh!

ss said...

ya, he is very smart and spontaneous.

Clueless said...

Hehe!Payyan super smart pola? It reminds me of a time when my dad was appearing for some Law exam. cool one shub.Keep it up

ss said...

thank u. and am sure every one has some memory of this sort with their father. it is funny!