Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smart n witty conversation

Spent a couple of days with SID's nephews and they simply bowled me over with some true witty conversation.

Kid1: Neenga office poganuma?Ingaye irunga
Me: Illa, innum 1 week poganum.
Kid1:Oh, appo 1 week apparam, ingaye iruppeengala?
Me:Officela relieve aanathukku apparam, naan enga veetukku poren
Kid1: Kerala va?
Me:Ya, enga amma veetukku poren
Kid1:Appo inimel inga vara maateengala?
Me:Jan 20th apparam inga thaan irukka poren.

By then, Kid2 also joins the conversation

Kid1:Atheppdi inga irupeenga? Neenga unga veetukku poiduveengaley
Kid2 to Kid 1: Avanga namma veetla thaan iruppanga.
Kid 1 to me: Neengalum mamavum unga veetukku thaaney poveenga

Kid 2 not letting me to talk,tells Kid1
Dei, illa da, avanga inga thaan iruppanga. Yeanna, thalaivan engayo anga thaan thalaiviyum irukkanum. So, mama inga iruntha avangalum inga thaan irukkanum, mama vera oorukku pona avangalum anga poganum


Yet another snippet....
We happened to discuss about the latest Diwali releases at home when the talk was about actor Prithviraj in some latest flick and later the talk automatically diverted towards the movie "Mozhi".

Kid 2 to me: Neenga mozhi cienma patheengala?
Me: Yes
Kid2: Athula prithviraj jothikava paakum pothu mani adikkum, light eriyum, athu mathiri ungalukkum mamakkum vanthucha?

Another one...
Me to Kid 2: Hey, unakku Singapore pidikkuma Australia pidikkuma ( They were in Singapore for a few years and are now relocating to Australia)
Kid2:2umey pidikkum
Me:Ethavathu onnu thaan sollanum
Kid2: Entha country currency perusu?
Me: Australian dollar is bigger than Singapore dollar in terms of value.

Without even the slightest hesitation,
Kid2: Appo, enakku Australia thaan pidikkum

(Kid1 & Kid2 respectively)

These kids I say......


siddhart said...

wow.. the privilege of kicking the comments.. it was nice.. u never wrote vat u told them bak.. n am asking very honestly nejamave mani adichuha light erunjutha..?? ;)

btw.. there r more spelling mistake these days..!! kalyana jora..?? take ur time n read once before u post no..!!

ss said...

its my privilege to have ur comments here..wat do i tell them after i am actually bowled over by their conversation? i was laughing mad.
abt ur honest question, lightavathu maniyavathu...ithenna mozhi cinemava?

i usually read my post once b4 publishing and once after publishing..will surely check out the spelling mistakes.

Clueless said...

Seriyana vaal pasanga pola?Had a blast reading their utterings.How old are they? Man these kids really take us by surprise. Btw, the mozhi thing was too funny.Hehe!

pooja said...

Lolzzz at the mozhi dialogue. Such a smartie chap he is huh!Tell him that US dollar is bigger than Aussie dollar and see what he says. ROFL!!! Too good a post.

ss said...

They are 11 and 7 yrs old respectively.the younger one talks a lot.

thank u. oh he idolises money..both of them r smart.iwas thoroughly taken by surprise wen he caught me with the mozhi dialogue . dint least expect that.

Praveen Daniel said...

ya thats really a cool conversation....a gud one too!!!! gud nephews u got!...he he... :)

ss said...

thank u

Sriram said...

haha.. nice one.. pasanga sharp ah irukaanga rombavae..

CHinna chinna vishayangal kooda super ah note panni yezhudhara paathiyaa subha, oli semmaya sutharadhu pola.. [:D]

ss said...

thank u sriram. the 2 kids indeed observe a lot .its fun havin them arnd.