Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That thing which crawled

It took me a while to realize that the little grey thing moving on my notebook was not my imagination, but a scarily tiny creature. He looked so fragile. My first impulse was to blow him off the paper. But I stopped myself, for he was more interested in scrutinising what I was reading then. He walked a bit, then paused; walked,paused, and sometimes ran too. It looked as though he was searching for something in the vast forest of black lines on paper. A place to set up his home, maybe? He should have been disappointed.
He never quit, though. Just when he had finished travelling the entire length of the paper, he started again in the diagonally opposite direction. His tenacity fascinated me - what did he want?
Just then, I sneezed.
I opened my eyes. He was nowhere to be seen, the little crawly spider!


sudha said...
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Clueless said...

Awesome write up. Hilarious one.Its amazing that you even make a post out of a spidy. Great ma.Good command of engleeesh too

pooja said...

After your battle with a lizard, here comes an episode with a spider. Wow! Kudos to you for putting even simple things into a post. Way to go gurlie.

Sriram said...

hahaha amazing subha.. kudos to u.. take a bow.. kalaastta.. very funny and lovely post..

ss said...

thanks a lot

Praveen Daniel said...

Haha..Ithellam romba over..Oru Spiderku intha build upaa...Naanum ennavonu nenachaen!!! :)

siddhart said...

first lizard... now spider..!! I tot u ver living in a "city"...!!! not a jungle.. btw how did u know it was a "he"..??

ss said...

cudnt help it

ya, city thaan, aana enakkunnu intha palli, spidernu varuthu..am so paranoid abt them