Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What is it about the idli that I dont like it?Why the dislike for a simple staple food like idli? Is it because of the enormous preparation that comes along with it? - the soaking of rice, urad dhal, then grinding it and fermenting it, exhausting I say.Or is it beacuse of its bland taste?Or is it because its the food readily recommended when one is ill?Thats not all, theres more to it.That idli cant be cooked in anykind of a vessel, but in a particular idli thattu, the making of side accompaniments like sambar, chutney or molagapodi. And dont talk about cleaning the idli thattu, you need to soak it in water atleast for a couple of hours so that it is easy to clean .I know some households who follow the idli ritual every week, No, am sorry, they follow it atleast twice a week.I was so glad for the 2 years in Pune simply for the reason that I neednt go through the idly ritual at all and can happily indulge myself in roti subzi.Man porposes, and God disposes.I longed for this bland food.And that leads to the confession partof this post that......

Stuffing your face with hot idlis, molagapodi and subsequently wahsing it down with a glass of neer more or buttermilk is bliss.There is nothing like it.


Clueless said...

Agmark South Indian delicay Idli, atha pathi kooda nee oru post potuta. Nothing like a hot plate of idli and some sambar poured on it.The milagaipodi is an added side dish.Idli pathi ezhuthi en vayil thanni vara vechute

pooja said...

Yummmiee post eh? I love idli and sambhar poured on it. It tastes so good.Its true that making the batter is an art and cleaning the idli pan later is a task by itself.But you see all these efforts washed away in air when you actually swallow that idli with hot sambhar or the podi sprinkled on it. You got me all hungry with this post now. Now you better treat me at the Murugan idli kadai. Wot say?

ss said...

i myself am drooling after riting this post.

oh ya,the batter preparation is defntly an art..each time i end up asking my mom how to better the batter.and u need to soak the essentials, grind it, ferment it by keeping itin one corner..oh...i also specially keep some idlis aside so that i cud use it to make some idli upma the next day. that again is yummy. and u want atreat in murugan idly kadai? yes, done.

Sriram said...

kalaasitta shubha.. negative ah paesi kadaisila positive ah mudikkaradhukku yenakkum yennalaamo solla thonardhu aanaa unnoda brilliant writing la amaze aagi ninnuttaen naan..
simply super.. idli patthi blog yezhudhinadhukku unakku spl. pattamae kodukkalaam..
Awesome again.. unquestionably idli plus the combi suggested is a bliss dhaan..

Praveen Daniel said...

haha..good definition regardin idli.can see the haste u got on the prepartion n full routine of IDLI.But still u c...its a common thing in all our houses atleast once a can be found in all functions where we have tiffen and to those not feeling well too...So irrespective of all the disadvantages..IDLI has a place for itself......:)

ss said...

I used to like idlis, then started disliking it wen it was made often..but will never ever hate it..simply cos i have come to undstand i cant b missing to eat something like an idli

ya, i give it to u. m glad i am liking it now and am sure nott o change my taste ever.


"I used to like idlis, then started disliking it wen it was made often..but will never ever hate it..simply cos i have come to undstand i cant b missing to eat something like an idli"

- Applies to me totally

Missing Idlies!!!!!!!!

ss said...


siddhart said...

wow.. the last line was too gud.. romba anubavichuttae pola.?? the processing time may be more for idly.. but the preparation time per se is very less.. thats y its preferred in most of the household..!!! ;)

ss said...

thank u.ya, i njoy eAting idlis that way.hmm, the preparation includes soaking rice, grinding et all..but u see it all worthy wen u r at enjoying the hot plate of idlis