Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why we did not have pets at home

Me: Appa, yean pa namma aathula nai valakkavey illa?
Appa: Athaan, neeyum unga akkavum irukkeley

A few more reasons ....

My sister calls me eruma madu ( buffalo)
Paati calls me edi kazhuthai( donkey)
My friends call me patti, pothey ( meaning dog, buffalo respectively in malayalam)
One of my athai calls me chella kili ( sweet parrot)

May be because I am so fondly addressed, there wasnt any need to have a pet at home.

Ps: Names mentioned here are not imaginary, however, they are used in the most affectionate way.


pooja said...

Haha at the post and a more louder HAHA at the so affectionate words they call you. Truly hilarious. You go all the way girl.

ss said...

You laugh lady and thats y i came up with this post too.

siddhart said...

hi erumai, panni, maadu, naaye... hey.. all these are ur pet names... used here in "the most affectionate way"... lolz... anyways good post..!!! keep going..!! well done..

ss said...

itha , itha naan ethirpaathen.

Albert Einstein said...

Super blog (Reading after long time). What is the pet name kept name given by HIM :-)

ss said...

thank u

Sriram said...

idhayum mudhalalyae paatthaen and same bulb.. romba galeej panni comment adichaen par nahi gayaa..
nice one subha..
u r giving loads and loads of entertainment with ur blogs.. amazing u r..