Sunday, December 16, 2007

I longed for this

Wake up late,especially after the water supply is stopped.
Take a luxurious bath and finish off the stored water.
Complain about the non availability of hot water for the bath.
Leave wet clothes lying in the bathroom hanger.
Complain about the lousy tv programmes when she is watching
Keep avoiding to do the household chore and just when confronted by amma, tell her that you were just about to do it.
Act crazily hungry even as the food is being served on the table.
Make comments like uppu illa, pulippu jaasthi on the food served.
Cling to the mobile phone with endless conversations and glued to the laptop for hours together.

The best part of being at home after a long time! and life is not complete without hearing amma's scoldings or screams.How I have longed for it!!


clueless said...

Why are my comments not getting through?

pooja said...

You made me all jealous with this post. How I wish I do it all now. Lovely post as ever.

ss said...

I have no idea wat was rong. but looks like ur comment is thru now

thanks. i wish these things never end.but unfortunately they do!

Sriram said...

yenna comment panradhunae therila andha alavukku arumaiyaana moving post... nice one ma

Amisha said...

I long 2 do the same thing.. am nostalgic @ present