Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gone are the days, but not the memories

Schools reopening in June and we settling down in the desks
The excitement of meeting new admissions
The thrill of waiting to see the class teacher enter the room
Lining up for the morning assembly
Hurriedly copying the previous day's homework from a dear friend
Desperately waiting for a break
Chasing one another in the corridor
Lunch in the classroom, corridor,and many a times in between the classes
Rushing out of the classroom in the evening to catch the window seat in the van or the bus
Gang fights, groupism , conspiracies
Sports day, annual day celebrations and the month long preparations for the same
Exams, tension, combined study, last minute important questions check
The holidays that follow after the stressful exams
Wishing for two sundays in a week and hating Mondays

Hmmm, so much of fun and experience. Gone are the days, but not the memories.


Clueless said...

What a lovely post and you for sure kindled all the nostalgic feelings.Awesome stuff . Each and every thing mentioned here brings a lot of memories to me and I have been there done that. Great post

Clueless said...

And am I the first to comment?

ss said...

Thank u so much and yes, you are the first to comment

Sanjay said...

First time here , been lurking for some time now. Must say this is an impressive blog. Keep it up

pooja said...

Aww such a nostalgic post this is. Love it to bits dear.You really bring the past memories to present. Its just true that BEEN THERE DONE THAT ALL.This made up for an awesome post

ss said...

thanks for dropping by

it was nostalgic for me too that at the end of posting this, I badly wanted to go back to school days atleast for a day.

Sriram said...

nalla nostaligc post.. indha post ai nee adicha udanae romba feelings oda periya comment adichu comment pogaama bulb vaangi free ah vittutaen.. adhunaala dhaan comment panna ivalo delays aft that..
yenna irundhaalum andha kaalam maadhri none can match.. but adhukku orae vazhi appo irundha maadhriyae full enthu oda jee bar ke jeenaa..