Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Money, Mastercard and helping your wife

There are some things that money cant buy, for everything else there is MASTERCARD.
Happen to glance through an ad in the newspaper which apparently said that
"if you have money and ofcourse, Mastercard, you can afford to help your wife less".
All you need to do is spend on Swiss chocolates, designer watches and some trendy and sleek portable MP3 player for your wife and ultimately you could do without helping your wife for a while, hmm lets say a month?

Wow, I say... and the cost of not needing to help your wife comes to Eighteen Thousand rupees only.

SID I dont mind to have these as our wedding gift from you.


clueless said...

Quite a hefty price tag I must say. I prefer to help my wife to save some bucks. But again, a wonderful connection you made between the ad and this post. Too good.

ss said...

@CLUELESS u want to save some money at the end of the day? Good u buried this thing

Manoj said...

But, how long will the charm last?!!

Also see this: "There are a few things money can't buy; for everything else, I don't get paid much!!" - saw this somewhere, but don't recall where....

Spare a thought for those poor hubbies whose earning power is less than their wives' spending power!!!

pooja said...

How I wish these to come true! Just kidding. Lol at the post.I am sure you are on a mission to make Mr.SID loose some bucks.

*Note to self: Show this post to K

ss said...

Oh I very well knw my spending power, and you see SID owes me a wedding gift.

show it to K? hmm..I am sure the butter halves wud prefer to help to save some bucks at the end of the day. its a trade off.

Sriram said...

haha gap la kada vettitiyaa.. SID aala onnum solla mudiyaadhu.. vaangi dhaan aaga vaendiya soozhal..
creativity oda bill poattutaelae maami.. LOL

Amisha said...

LOL..thats a gud way of putting across what u want.... I admire that...