Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As I grew up ...along with her

@ the age of 3, I wondered who the other human being who is growing up with me in the same house

@ the age of 6, I hated her, thought she was my competitor

@ the age of 10, I missed her occasionally for she was away from home for her schooling

@ the age of 11, I fought with her for every little thing - including as to who gets the most roasted part of the potato fry my amma makes

@ the age of 12, I realised that she is indeed my blood and loved her too.I started going by whatever she told me -right from going out, to the dress selection , to the hairstyle I shud have

@ the age of 13, missed her terribly when her work kept her away from home

@ the age of 14,I gave her a huge list of things I wanted when she returned from Singapore & Malaysia and she dint make even the slightest fuss to get all that I wanted

@ the age of 16, I used to be glued to the comp just to recieve her mails updating us all about her day to day life in the USA and I used to take immense pride in showing her US snaps to my friends

@ the age of 17, I hated to be alone, when she got married. I still curse that video photographer who took some videos of me crying at the wedding hall when she got married.

@ the age of 18, I felt so nice when she was the first to send me a beautiful mail about my milestone of attaining 18 years.

A few years have rolled by after all these that are mentioned above, and how do I feel now?
Though we still argue over somethings, I feel so blessed that I have such a wonderful SISTER. She has only given me more and more.

My dear "B", I truly look up to you.


clueless said...

amazing post. well written, guess what? I have subscribed to your blog thru feed. Every sibling must ahve had these feelings. and you are lucky to have a sis like this.

sudha said...

hey nice post..we all look upto our siblings ..u stole my thghts.for long i wantd to rite on my bonding with my sis..i jus dont hv words t put it in so very attached to her as ur r to ur sis....lucky we :o))...simple and sweet rite..gud work sweetie !!!

priya said...

too good u have expressed the feelings of a sister. everybody would have undergone these feelings at those ages and would want to express tehm and u have expressed it very well. nice article i like very much..and well expressed...

ss said...

@ Clueless (Aj) shud i say am more than honoured? thanks a lot

@ sudha
as usual, u always make it a point to read watever i rite. poor soul u r, but thanks a lot again for taking the pains to read thats here

@ priya
thank u so much.knw wat? i am tooooooooo shy to xpress this to my sister, hence put it in the blog.

narayanan said...

sentiment thaanga mudiyale azhugachi azhugachiya varudhu :-((((

ss said...

@ narayanan

naan vena Tissues tharattuma?

sudha said...

oh..enna da thx ellam solerae..adisayama irrukku.."poor soul" aakkum nan..ammam unkitta matindae ne ..

clueless said...

hey you are most welcome
i espcially loved the fighting for the potato fry part. was ROFL!

MMC said...

Your thoughts on your 'Big B' are touching and will immediately strike a chord with everyone....

gomu said...

hey that was too senti d.. it made me cry.. cud remember the days when i was with u and sis.. Miss u both...[:(]

ss said...

@ gomu
u knw rite how me n my sister ahve fought. i myself felt damn senti after i rote this post