Monday, June 11, 2007

Some fond memories...

Amma packing atleast 4 - 5 snack boxes, juices for me when I was in KG class

Carrying ice cold water in my water bag, ( I was the only one in my class who used to bring ice water) & class fellows and teachers alike asking me for some ice water

The sports day at school, filling my MILTON water bag with ice water and orange juice and the sulking expression when someone asked for water

Going way early to school on the reopening day just to reserve a better bench seat near to my favourite friend

Praying that the school bus breaks down on the way especially when I have some exams/ midterms

Cycling all the way to school in my lady bird. We were 3 girls cycling together to school

Computer classes,. me and my frnd used to goto a juice shop everyday after the class.Invariably, the times spent outside the class was more than the time spent inside the class.

Flaunting a new dress on my b'day. I used to get all the attention from my batchmates that day

Rendering a speech, or singing a prayer song in the school assembly.( Used to think of myself as a heroine!!!)


sudha said...

hey nice post kinda of makes me think of my school days :-))

narayanan said...

ellam rombaaa nyagabam varuthu...

idhukku thaan oru bottle memory plus full'a sapdadhe'nu sonnen kettiya.

nalla veLai poorva jenmam ellam nyabagam varaama poche :-p

ss said...

@ sudha
thanks a lot re

@ narayanan
ur comment is funny. memory plus ellam illa..vettiya irukkarathunala thaan intha blog..

Clueless said...

very well written! The sports day-asking for water part is hilarious

Praveen said...

hmm...ya its making me refresh my old memories.nice!!!

ss said...

@ praveen