Thursday, June 28, 2007


I wud make no mistake on this. It feels really bad to get old.I never felt this way when I was in my teens. Even my 18-20 age birthdays seemed to be fine.But now, after a couple of years of my 20th brithday mark( U thought I wud reveal my age here?)I feel a little bad to face the peak of adulthood.I can no longer do things much to my will, anything I do is flung back to me with a comment" poruppa nadanthukko, innum 6 maasathula kalyanam".

Some signs to tell you that you are getting old

When anyone and everyone talks to you only about getting married, but not stop there and talk further about family, kids, responsibility et all

When all your friends start telling you " enjoy to the fullest now,you wud never get these days back" - as though there is no tomorrow

When you get mails from classmates / batchmates sharing the news of their marriage & kids

When the kids are told to address you as aunty instead of akka

When young cousins talk about some new mobile technology, new hang out places, new restaurants and you just blink

Every year, I excitingly wait for my birthday, but the day comes, I start feeling that this day should never end.But it always happens that I get a year older at the end of the very same day.Sometimes, I even dream of people giving me sympathetic looks as though I have lost all my charm.Its impossible to stop thinking like this and sometimes, such kind of dreams become an integral part of your sleep. Hhhhhmmmmmmmm....

And now, just 3 days after my birthday, I again eagerly wait for the next one.


Clueless said...

all the aunties taunt you with your forthcoming wedding? poor you, never mind. You are always young.well written as usual.So do I also call u aunty from now on? hey just kidding!

And, did you guys spend the time together esp with the training you had on your b'day?

sudha said...

hey nicely written..keep up the gud work..

ss said...

@ Aj
pls, dont u dare call me aunty. well, am kidding too. thanks 4 the prompt comment. it does make me feel good.

@ sudha
thank u soooo much re

Anonymous said...

Bumped in through orkut.Nice post and very well written.good work

priya said...

I was the first one to write comment for this but dont know why it did not reach u. i had a doubt and resend it for 5 times.anyways,good work and there r many more things to exp in life when u get older which will be good too. so cherish ur old days when u were younger but look forward too as u have more good things in store to enjoy in future when u get aged. All the best wishes for ur future.

priya said...
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Clueless said...

Commentsa vidu, how did you guys spend the day? esp being the day you and unga aal sharing the same birthday?

ss said...

@ priya
i ahve no clue as to y u cudnt make thru with the comment. and ya am lookin fwd to the good things that r in store.

@ Aj
our day was good. am surprised that u remem that me n sid share the same b'day.he surprised me by comin to office n we went out for dinner.

Praveen said...

Ya.ur concept on birthday is so true....I too feel happy to get it.But when it comes 1 yr will be increased for us rite :( ...fine fine..hmm..Its life!!!