Monday, June 18, 2007

My daddy strongest!!!

"It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was." - Anne Sexton "

There could be no other time if not now, for me to write this. ( I know this post is a day late, but better late than never!)

For all the pamperings that you have showered on me

For all the hardships that you went through inorder to get me to whatever I am today

For all the games we played, outings that we have had

For being so unselfish, generous and always giving

For all the things that you have got me even before I asked for it

For calling me subbudu( I loved the name just cos u called me so appa)

For trusting me completely and giving me all the freedom to do/ talk what I want

For letting me make my own choices

Appa, I love u for all this and much more. I still remember, how everytime you happen to go for an eat out, but dont eat there, instead pack it up and bring it home for me all the way. I have not seen you buying a new dress for yourself, they were so rare.You dont take leave, no new shoes and you dont waste anything. Save and squirrel every little thing and spend it on your kids.I am so proud of being your daughter. I wish to be as nice, gentle, unselfish, generous,sacrificing as you are appa.

Happy Fathers Day appa



sudha said...

nice pst re!!! u almost made me cry..

Sriram said...

uruga vachuttiyae subha..
innikku yenga nainaa voda porandha naal vaera, so nee romba senti poda vachutta yennai.. superb..

awesome subha.. yellaa blogsum paatthaen... kalaasirukkiyae.. romba thathroobamaa irukku..

ss said...


@ sriram
thanks for ur complement. but romba pughazara mathiri irukku., but am honoured.thanks again

Sriram said...

yedhu yenga deserve aaradho adhai anga kodukkanum ma..
adhu over aa therinjaalum thappu illai..
unnoda thiramai andha range la irukku..

clueless said...

super! awesome post. am sure your dad must be overwhelmed reading this post. too good. way to go.unga appa kuduthu vechavar. very well written


ss said...

@ sriram
i have nothing more to say than a THANKS

@ Aj
thanks.enga appa kuduthu vechataha vida, naan thaan kuduthu vechurukken- for being his daughter

narayanan said...

adap paavingala aniyayathukku sentiment'a podreenga.

ss said...

@ narayanan
naanum itha yosichen..but then it was fathers posted. dont worry, innum konja naalaikku senti post irukkathu. will rite only general stuffs.

MMC said...

It's so nice...right thoughts on the right day...

narayanan said...

birthday'ku endha senti post'um kedayadha :D

ss said...

@ narayanan
was busy the last2 days..ya b'day post is on the way- though a little late!and btw, thanks for ur mail wishing me on my b'day.

pooja said...

had me in tears, very nice