Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poll it

ME: So, hows the pasta?

TH: Oh ya its yum.The sauce is all absorbed and perfectly cooked.

ME: You really like it?

TH: Ofcourse I do.

ME: Ok, so what dish of mine do you love and how much do you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

TH: After some thinking, comes up with an answer " its difficult to say which one, because each time the taste varies"

ME: So, you mean to say am not consistent?

TH: No no, sometimes a dish is super duper, sometimes, its too salty, but most times its good.

ME: Hmmmpphh, sometimes, I should just not ask more questions and just leave things at that.So much for playing the "poll it" game.


pooja said...

Lol!It happens here all the time. I wonder why he cant name one good dish that I make.Take heart dear.

clueless said...

Yikesss!Lesson learnt: Never talk more than what is required.

ss said...

May be they dont rwlly pay any attention to it?

thank u for telling me sir