Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saapaadu Rami

Cheese- mm..I love it
Milkshake-oh yum!
Ice cream-bring it on..
Samosa chaat- 2 plates please
Chips and wafers- as many as possible
Chocolates-who doesnt love them?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner- but ofcourse, regularly
Kurmur-anytime in between the above eats

I wonder how people are able to restrict food and control etaing habits. Sigh!

Ps: Loose/decent translation of the title-food lover


Ammu Madhu said...

i like second,third ,fourth and chips..
you surely are a saappatu raami:))))))))


Ammu Madhu said...

i am following you..


ss said...

I am thrilled to see a new commentor.Thanks for stopping by. I know you have been following me, but used to wonder who it is.

aZoed said...

I'm missin Samosa Chat... :(
the way they serve it here in Mumbai is just not it

clueless said...

LOL at the title of this post.Why diet and all? Enjoy maadi.

ss said...

is it? i thot Mumbai was way too famous for the chaat items..

i wish i can agree with u,, but I better reduce.

Sanjay said...

All that i can do is only dream about it. Blame it on the bachelor cooking.