Saturday, September 12, 2009

A man's closet

25 handkerchiefs
30 briefs
30 razors
5 perfume bottles
3 deos
3 different shampoo bottles

I am speechless.

Ps: The numbers are very close to accurate.


pooja said...

Take it easy Honey.You had the guts to open it, I havent yet.

clueless said...

Just in case you know..LOL

ss said...

ahh, I wish I never knew wat was in there.

my foot!

Sanjay said...

Its good to have some buffer.If one goes wrong, then the other comes into rescue.

smyLeMaKEr said...

5 perfume bottlesaaa? :-)

ss said...

yes, will show u wen u come home

aZoed said...

I have more of them perfumes and after shaves.. like a whole shelf cluttered with the same ;) Men will be Men!

ss said...

I love the last line u said.

The Girl-Next-Door-Software-Engineer said...

you have actually missed out the number of empty deos/perfumes/after shaves... simpy because 'forgot to throw them out' Men will be Men!!

ss said...

oh ya how did i forget that..I regularly screen the closet now to chuck them all out