Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Long flight journey- check
Excitement of going home- check
Fear of catching swine flu-check
Drooling about home made food-check
Seeing appa amma at the airport and squealing-check
Cuddling with paati (grandmother)-check
Visiting temples-check
Eating unlimited food-check
Family gossip-check
Visit the inlaws-check
T nagar shopping-check
Auto travel-check
Electric train travel-check
Eating unlimited street food-check

I am having a blast with the India trip.Poor TH is back in Seattle.


Rohan Chawla said...

Have Fun! :) :)

aZoed said...

hey! you in India? wow! cool. enjoy, your time... and swine flu's as bad or even worse in the states... believe me! where are you btw?

ss said...

i did have a lot of fun

I was shuttling bwn kerala and chennai..thank god, am back in seattle sound and safe.

clueless said...

That sounds like awesome fun.

pooja said...

Hope you have reached safely and in safe hands.

ss said...


awww, I loved the way u said safe hands..

Sanjay said...

Cool.But sadly, the days are never enough right?

ss said...

sadly true.