Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What do you do

with a husband who goes to work by car, but forgets that he drove the car to office and comes back home in a bus and realises that he indeed drove the car to office?

What do you have to say about the couple who take a bus to reach office parking garage and come back home in the car?

Wait, if you thought this is funny.

The wife has to go somewhere and asks the husband to lock the door when he leaves for work.The husband nods as usual.The wife comes back after a few hours and is shocked beyond words to see that the door is locked but the key is hanging on the keyhole.

God, please hear me out, I have just one wish, make sure TH doesnt E.V.E.R forget me.


smyLeMaKEr said...

Dei, andha keya keyholea maranadhu vittadhu nee! :-)
Neway, my brain works with minimum Hard drive and maximum RAM. SO, I wud never U (CPU?)

clueless said...

Ada kaavulae!nga poi sollarathu itha? ( read n vadivelu style)From Sid's comment-2 perum seriana jodi than

ss said...

ya once I did it no?

hehe thank u

Rohan Chawla said...

Arrey! He'll never ever forget you! :)
Though leaving the car at the workplace is a little too amnesic. ;)

satish said...

all i want to say is good that TH has you and you have him in return! :D

anyway looooong time, how you doing, hope everything is great on your side.. :)

ss said...

I really am praying hard that one fine day he walks up to someone else's home.Thanks for the comforting words.I know, the car thing is too tough to believe aint it?

look who is here!all well at our end.

aZoed said...

awwww... I wish I could be like him.. . But there's one thing I do know about those guys.. they never forget there life's love... u needn't worry..
P.S. 've been away for a while.. nice to be back here,.. :)

ss said...

thanks for the comforting words.the posts have been very sporadic..so no worries..will visit u in a while