Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to cook?

HE: I am hungry, wats for dinner?

SHE: What do you want? Idli? Dosa? Chappathi? Pasta?

HE: Do you know how to make them?

SHE: Oh comeon, what do you mean?

HE:You always have the laptop open and check the recipes, so was wondering if you would do the same for this one too.

SHE: &^^%%@@##$$$????


Sanjay said...

Lol!What with all the food blogs on the net,she can also check them

aZoed said...

is that closer to reality than you make it seem like? .. I know a few really nice recipe blogs! do lemme know! ;)

ss said...

oh, but not for basic food stuff like idli dosa right?

oh was just for me, that she is NOT me..and also trust me when I say I cook really well.

aZoed said...

hehe! I love it when woman hate being thought of as not too good cooks... I tease my mother about it too... and I trust you if you say so ;)

ss said...

dint u c the proof my gud cullinary skills- those blueberry muffins.thanks for trusting me

pooja said...

Lol!I am laughing hard with tears rolling down my eyes.Mr is wondering whats wrong with me.

clueless said...

Hehe.I expected this post actually.Looks like I am made to strongly believe that you and my wifey are sisters

ss said...

The Mr wondering? Bah! they wonder for everything.

comeon,its just a way of refreshing oneself with new recipes