Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new trend

TH has a dedicated closet for his clothes and inspite of that, I often see him wearing the same shirt/ t shirt.Needless to say, I keep telling him to rotate between all the shirts/ t shirts.As if he listens!When I sat down thinking what could be done about this, I thought how about a burqa for men?Not bad I say...It serves a lot of purposes.

1.Most importantly, no one knows what shirt/ t shirt you are wearing inside..leave alone if you are wearing any dress at all.

2.I dont have to nag him saying you just wore this shirt last week

3.Shaving can wait for months..who cares?

4.And if the wife is non stop talking , you can conveniently move away pretending not knowing who you are talking to, but the wife will make you listen anyhow!

5.No worries about greying hair

6.The not- so hot men can wear a burqa and pretend to be hot men

7. No pressure to work out, your pot belly can be hidden inside a burqa

Bah! looks like I can seriously start this with the TH.


Rohan Chawla said...

1. Women think way too much about clothes.

2. Despite numerous benefits, think of all the tripping and skipping that men would face wearing that flow-ing Burqa.

3. On an optimistic and filmy note, we could rob banks and no one would know ;)


very hilarious post...especially point 6

aZoed said...

I'm already trying out maself in one on Photoshop!

and i must say... I'd rather prefer working out... it seemed horrible!

but how do I PRETEND to be hot in a burqa????? any tips??

ss said...

1.Yes women think way too much abt clothes, cos we simply feel its important to be presentable.

2.the tripping and all will get better with eventual practice

3.robbing banks does sound really interesting. u gonna try it anytime?

ss said...

ya I know..its a boon for the not so hot men right yogi boy?

am going nuts imagining u in a burqa...pls dont do this to me..its a gift for those who dont like working out, who dont mind the pot belly and so for pretending to be hot? arrey..who cares whats behind a burqa? just do all that it takes to impress a woman

clueless said...

Why this strange thoughts?Anyways, here comes my strange thoughts too.

1. I can talk to any woman and pretend to be her husband/ boy friend. Lol

2.No one will know where I am looking

Its a hilarious post from you as always. Way to go.

Rohan Chawla said...

Let's do it! ;)

ss said...

You will never change.Be careful cos if the woman realises, who u r, i dont need to tell u whats in store for u

its too tempting an offer to deny.I wish we cud do it for real

pooja said...

Lolling all the way honey.How could you?I mean how could you do think of doing this to TH?The mr at home loves my no issues on choosing what he has to wear.

Sanjay said...

ROFL! How do you even think of all these? I have been sick for a while, hence the delay in commenting.But I aint going to try this trend for sure. Sounds dangerous

ss said...

Well, just a thought I say.It was fun to think of it

Oh comeon, why cant you be a sport and try it?