Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets talk

Me: Edey, you have been working like crazy. Lets unwind for sometime.

Th: ya sure. Where do we go?

Me: How about swimming? We could swim for an hour and then get into the hot tub and generally chit chat.

Th: Sounds good.Pack your gym bag.

After an hour of swimming, we get into the hot tub.

Me: So tell me

Th: Tell you what?

Me: You said we could talk and chit chat in the hot tub.

Th: Hmm ok

Me: So tell me edey

Th: blank


I make yet another attempt after 15 mins

Th: hehe..what to say?

Me: Anything under the sun. Lets just chit chat about nothing

Th: blank...

Me: Ok, lets get going. Am off to the shower room.


aZoed said...

lemme guess... one of those really frustrating times when you run outta words to share?? ... I try scrabble with my friends and sis... it did help... do lemme know!

aZoed said...

btw.. I just saw the ticker above... Happy Marriage Anniversary! :)

ss said...

no, he promised we cud catch up in the hot tub..but he was clueless as to wat to talk..i guess scrabbles/ word building wud b gr8.and my anniv was a month ago. thanks for the wishes.

aZoed said...

you've a tag waiting for you on my blog... check it out!

Sanjay said...

Why do these wives always want to talk?

clueless said...

I am sure you havent met my wife yet, but wait.are you sisters? She says the same about me.

ss said...

why do these husbands never talk?

LOL!I dont think u r like TH.

pooja said...

I hear you sweets.What else can I say except for "Hugs"