Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taste it (IHS series)

SHE: Can you taste the aloo subzi?

HE: Ya, I will do it.

SHE:How was it?

HE: It is too salty

SHE: What? I added just 1 table spoon of salt

HE:Tssk! You usually forget to add salt, so I added 1 table spoon of salt before tasting it.



Rohan Chawla said...


This post is more than a million gallons full of laughter!!!
:D :D

clueless said...

OMG!Poor HE, could have had the subzi without salt itself.Lol!

Albert Einstein said...

Chuper.....HE eppadi indha madhiri ellam yosikka arambichar.....

ss said...

actually yes..

imaginary version thaaney, irunthuttu pogattumnu appdi vechurukken

Sanjay said...

Haha.Its a regular happening at my end.Just that there ain't any SHE to forget, its me always!

aZoed said...

heeeeeehaaaahahahahah :D [still laughing].. now that's what I call CHEMISTRY! :)