Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dream on

Kid 1: Hey, I am a superman, I will climb all the tall buildings, look down from there, jump from there.I will fly so high.

Kid2: I will goto jungle, see a lion, fight with the lion, defeat him, tie him onto a tree, see a tiger, fight with him, tie him on to a tree, catch all the butterflies,bring them home,take them to my garden.

Kid1:I will goto ice cream swimming pool dive into it and eat all the ice cream, then drive the car very fast.

Kid2: I will drive the airplane high up in the air and watch all the clouds, rivers, mountains.

Sigh!! I want to dream like these kids.


clueless said...

So true, so true.We loose ourselves to the hurry burry as we grow.

Rohan Chawla said...

Gee....reminds me of The Alchemist. But yeah--Dreams like these make life so happy! :)

ss said...

bang on

there is a thrill in dreaming like this

Sanjay said...

Kids let their imagination run wild.Its a nice thing

pooja said...

Aww so cute so cute.Kids blabberish is the cutest

ss said...

its amazing how they even have a lot of imaginary conversation


aZoed said...

I guess I'm still much more on the kiddy side. I dream BIG time... all the time.

ss said...

way to go!