Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the world!

I will leave some pictures which best describe what I was upto.


First two pictures are view of the Lake Washington  and the rest of the pictures from Tulips festival.


aZoed said...

that must have been eye candy to see in real time... nice camera work too... keep enjoying the spring :)


beautiful pics

ss said...

ya, I never wanted to come back..TH had to literally drag me

thank u

Rohan Chawla said...

This is a spam comment on a famous blog, with no word verification.

The yellow tulips are beautiful! :) :)

ss said...

LOLing at ur comment. Btw, the yellow ones are daffodils.

Rohan Chawla said...

As long as they are flowers that look nice. ;)

clueless said...

The red carpet huh?No wonder TH had to drag you back.Nice clicks

ss said...

abso true

ya, the red tulips aka the red carpet.u know me right, its tuff to come from there.

Sanjay said...

Nice pictures.Tulips are a sight to watch ain't it?

pooja said...

Ossum sweets.Such a sight to see the colors.

ss said...

Yes they are.