Thursday, April 23, 2009

Principles are out in the air...

Each one has some principles.They stand by it, no matter what.TH is one solid example.But I wonder about how some of my principles vanish into thin air when comfort takes the priority.

Principle:Switch off the tv when not in use
Comort:My favourite programme will be telecasted in a few minuts, let the tv be on.Afterall, its good to have a feeling of someone talking to me.

Principle:Keep yourself fit,spend a few minutes on working out.
Comfort:What workout, I am tired.Its raining anyway.Will do it tomorrow.

Principle:Save energy.Cook once in the morning and once in the noon.
Comfort: Who will eat the food made in morning/ noon.Let me make something fresh for dinner.

Principle:Use old clothes to clean
Comfort:clothes have to be washed, use paper towels

Sigh! What do I say?I got to change.


Rohan Chawla said...

Universal Principle : Study/Work More. Exams/Deadline Coming.

Comfort: I will start hardcore from tomorrow, let me enjoy maximum today.

ss said...

I couldnt stop laughing..awesome example.

pooja said...

Self introspection huh?I will add one from my side
Principle: Buy only what you want, donate some.

Comfort: wow, blue top, dont have one in this color, stilletos, awesome with the top..lets buy it.

aZoed said...

lol... they are difficult to live up to sometimes.. principles... I have been telling myself to wake up early mornings for studying each night ever since class 10th... I'm gonna be an engineer in a month's time... :D :D

ss said...

cant agree more with you dear.I do it all the time.

oh ya, been there, seen that.its so tuff I say

Sanjay said...

We tend to lean towards the comfort.Its but natural.Dont worry, We still like you.


Principle: Do not read blogs during office hours and waste time

Comfort: SS must have updated her blog. what's wrong in spending 5 mins to chill out, anyway can compensate working late or on weekends!!!!!!!!

clueless said...

Leave the bleddy principles to saints and enjoy life.

( thinks hard not to feel guilty of forgoing principles, but could not help)

ss said...

That is so sweet of you

I had a hearty laugh at ur comment, just like Rohans.Too much work will make jack dull, so chill out.

Stop feeling guilty now and making others feel guilty too.( I hear you saying- look who is talking!_)