Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ma would be up early in the morning.She would bathe, light the lamp, chant the slokas.But today, it will be a little more than the usual.She would pray more,kneel down a little longer.By then, Pa would be up,take a look at the "kani" after the usual morning ablutions,would wake me up , walk me to the pooja room for me to look at the "kani".I would sleepily look at the kani, then make up my mind to take bath.The new clothes and the vishu kaineetam are so tempting you know.Then the world's best breakfast of Idli, sambar, vadai.Droolicious.After that yummy breakfast,I would rush to paati for the vishu kaineetam.Then to ma, pa.Then to a couple of known people's nearby for the moola.By late evening, all the cousins would get into discussion on who got the maximum kaineetam.Oh such fun.

But, I know ma and paati would sit in the verandah, will think of me and my sister.Ma would close her eyes for a moment and remember how little we were and how soon we grew up, and flew out of the nest.She would think of us, longing and yearning to be with us.But ma,I would like to tell you that I am doing the same now..standing by my balcony, thinking about you, pa, paati, our home,what you might have cooked, who all might have visited our home today,the temple right opposite .

For, no Vishu is ever complete without a thought about the loved ones in our life.
Happy Vishu.


Sanjay said...

Happy vishu to you and TH.Hope you had a good day and good food.

clueless said...

Happy vishu.Enna orey senti?Hope you feasted upon some real good food.

Rohan Chawla said...

Happy Vishu!! :)
And this is probably the "aww"-est memory I have ever read.

ss said...

Yep we did. Thank you

festuval= gud food. thank u for the wishes

How sweet of u to say that. Thank u.

pooja said...

Many belated vishu wishes. Was out of town for work.Make a trip to India and you wouldnt be home sick.

aZoed said...

wish you a belated Happy Vishu... guess that's a bit similar to what we people celebrate as Baisakhi in the North...?

u homesick? awwww... that can be so difficult to manage with at times... try remembering the good times... and being happy all the time... enjoy the spring! it's damn hot over here ... ;)

ss said...

festivals do make me homesick..but i wud b ok soon after.i guess the vishu is similar to baisakhi..

Albert Einstein said...

What a great travel in the memory lanes. Excellent post. Appadiye kannu munnadi padama patha madhiri oru feeling.

ss said...

I was homesick that day and I guess this post just came by