Monday, November 30, 2009

So, where are we now?

Almost about 2 years of married life..and this was the conversation between TH and myself.

Me: I am ready for the potluck, saying so, I stand infront of him.

TH: Oh, I am ready too, lets leave.

Me:Didnt you notice am all dressed up and looking pretty?You did not say anything.

TH: Ya, you look nice and pretty.

Me: But you did not say that on your own, you waited for me to ask you about it.

TH:I did not really notice it

Me: Ya , thats what I am saying too..I am wearing a new dress do you know that?

TH: Oh nice dress, but I did not know its a new one.

so get the drift right?


clueless said...

way to go TH.

pooja said...

the same old story everywhere.I have had enough telling to the guy here

ss said...

* thinks of banning clueless from this blog*

same to same sis