Friday, September 14, 2007


SHE likes to wake up early, HE doesnt.

SHE doesnt know a bit about planning things, making lists. HE thrives on that and has mastered the art.

If something is scattered on the floor, SHE stops by, picks it up and puts it aside, HE just walks over it.

SHE has tremendous expectations on every posisble thing, HE says "expect the best, prepare for the worst".

SHE prefers the tv switched off while feeling sleepy, HE likes the tv on till he goes into the unconscious state.

SHE remembers and takes notice of his appearance, beard, moustache, all his clothes, HE doesnt recognise many of her's.

SHE adores real spicy food, HE can handle spicy food to the minimum level.

SHE feels the house has to look neat when guests come, HE feels there is no need to tidy the house for the sake of the guests and that the things can lie around as they are.

SHE prefers perfect match and fitting for dresses, HE never cares for the perfect fit or the colour.

SHE doesnt keep track of any important things like bank accounts, license, passport, HE is very organised about all this.

SHE loves HE madly
HE falls head over heels with SHE each time and E.V.E.R.ytime.


sudha said...

How romantic..When you are in love with the right person, you just happen to forget the materialistic things and start looking for those small, small things, like subtle gestures of love, warmth, and understanding...u two make a awsome pair..Only SHE can do this to HE. I'm almost jealous!

Clueless said...

How cute!
Your like for spicy food is something that I know and have seen you eating too and it is tough to match with you on that
Very nice post and keep falling head over heels with each other

smyLeMaKEr said...

Aaaahaaa! nammala (both) pathi oor ariya naad ariya eludhittiyaaa!?!
Kewl da! Gud 1! :-)

Albert Einstein said...

Amazing writing :-). Ithu than KADHAL enbatha. Super. The way you have explained small small things is great!!!

ss said...

its not that only SHE can do this to HE, HE also does it to SHE.its so mutual.

thank u.will pass it on to HE.


thank u. WE are like this 1ly.

pooja said...

Awwwww, such a lovey dovey post.Cho chweet.So touchy
(* wipes away tears*)
Let your married life too be as sweet as this.
I swear by your writing skills , such small things and you portray them so well. Great job

ss said...

Thank u so much.I am touched by ur comments

pooja said...

You are more than welcome dear
Keep writing

Sriram said...

Yenna oru romantic post.. cha cha chancae illa..
idhellaam yengalai maadhri single and available makkalukku pugattum paadam aa karudhi note pannikkaroam guruvae..


very nice.......
HE-SHE made for each other

ss said...

paadama? athuvum unakka? neeye oru xpert..guruvey nnu sollarathu ellam over.

Thank u.