Monday, September 17, 2007

The place to be

If you are sweating profusely inspite of some A/c breeze that you get

If you feel like puking left, right, center,

If there is traffic jam even on the foot path

If you are not even taking a step forward, but still end up at your destination

If you are groped, touched or hit here and there

If the smell around makes you dizzy and you feel your own sweat smells better than the smell around

If you are constantly nagged like " akka chudithar theikkanuma, 1 hourla asin style la thechu tharuvom ka"

If even at past 10 in the night, there are people and only people around

If all you can hear is about Saravana Stores, brammandamai and "eduthukko eduthukko annachi kadayil eduthukko"

If you want to buy cheap gold at cheap rates

If you come across sellers selling chudithars and t shirts for rs 60

If you are simply confused as to the shop you must visit and the clothes you must choose

If you are deepfried as a Chicken 65

Then you are in the shopping hub (???) of Chennai. Welcome to T.Nagar, the most busiest shopping place on earth!This is the place you got to be if you want to see how happy people are...cos anytime of the year, there is always a huge crowd here. And who said, people are not having enough money in hand? I beg to differ cos why else, everyone would have atleast one carry bag of annachi kadai, one carry bag of Pothys, and one carry bag of Jeychandran Textiles?You name it, you get it here.So, if you wish to experience out of the world shopping experience, THIS is the place to be!


pooja said...

Yet another amazing rocking post from you.Hilarious!Hats off to you for not missing minute details like annachi kadai song. Too good

pooja said...

BTW, I have not yet been to that big saravana stores, your post is wanting me to go there

ss said...

thank u.Infact, i wnt there just yest to see wats so big abt it..atleast i cud say "naanum brammandamai saravana stores" paathurukken.

sudha said...

hey na aathu tnagar thaannn..well roba nalla description...keep up the gud work :-))

Sriram said...

Super ma.. makkal yepdi irupaanganu paakkavae T.Nagar polaam nu sedhukkitta..
T.Nagar is the best whatever detractors may say..
FYI, I work in t.nagar jus parallel to all the annachi kadais and stuffs.. enjoying every bit of the action everyday..

ss said...

thank u

that ur office is in t.nagar is a news to me.u put up there n u wud get acclamatised anywhere else

Albert Einstein said...

Superb post!!! I was wondering what is that place all about just by reading the first half. Excellent writing again!!!!

ss said...

thank u. vera etha pathi ezhutha poren..ellam T nagar thaan..

Clueless said...

That was just awesome.Truly funny.

"Akka chudithar thekkanuma asin style "
was bang on
Awesome stuff.But inspite of all its + and -, T nagar rocks!

Praveen said...

Ya true it is..right from a small pin to computers n all house hold items n stuffs u can get in TNagar...But as u said we have to adjust with the crowd n .... things as such...If u r adjustable TNagar is the Best Place.Hmm..Cool One .Cheers :)

smyLeMaKEr said...

hehe, kalakkal build up n descriptions! Soober da :-)

ss said...

thanks a lot

totally with u

thank u edey

alex said...

Thats rite Subha , when u visit T-nagar u come to know the fact that even though India is poor but Indains are rich .


T.Nagar is my fav shopping hub too.
but i prefer pothys, chennai silks to annachi kadai

ss said...

pretty much agree with u

I went to see annachi kadai just to beat the curiosity as to wats there..otherwise i prefer RMKV and chennai silks.