Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To my teachers, with love

Did you complete the assignment?
Have you got the graph book today?
Meet me after the class is over.

Does these ring a bell?I am sure it does.Sitting in the classroom has been an enjoyable experience especially if the class was taken by one of my favourite teachers.I miss being a student now and I envy all those who go to school or college now to listen to such teachers who make it a memorable experience.Today being "TEACHERS DAY" ,I remember such teachers whom I love and admire and the difference they have brought into me.
I had respect for many teachers, but I am truly fond of a few.

Mrs.Lakshmi Ramesh
Tops the list of my favourite teachers.She is beauty personified and I have always seen a mother in her.Her smile would cheer up anyone and she would always make sure the whole class understood what was being taught. She had a unique way of teaching and her fondness for the subject was infectious.The way she taught would encompass every student and she talked to us like equals without any differntiation of the teacher and the taught..I used to be terribly upset when she was absent to school.There was something in her that reached beyond the curriculum and I am glad to say she is just a phone call away.Teacher, you are the best!

It was because of this teacher, I had some fascination for the English language.Very simple and down to earth.She is no more and teacher, I really miss you.

Mrs.Marry Margrett
I was her pampered pet and her class was as though we were embarking on a picnic.Teacher, may be it is when you asked me to introduce myself to the class or when I carried notebooks and followed you to the staff room, I really donot know when you became by idol.I wish to see you some day.

I bow down to these teachers and all the other teachers who have emancipated me from the darkness of ignorance, taught me to be positive and to respect human values.Here I express my regards, respect and gratitude to all of you teachers. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!!


Clueless said...

So am I the first to comment? COOL!
Teachers light our paths and there is no better day than today- Teachers day to write sucha nice post and show your love and gratitude.Nice one

Albert Einstein said...

Good Writing. Its always an amazing experience to remember and think about those good old days and what those teachers have done in our life.

pooja said...

Wot a touchy post?There are some teachers who inspire you to a great extent.Its true that thers something special about them.They truly show the world to us.Great post on a great day

Cluless said...

Same day 2 posts? Blogging spree?

ss said...

same day post yest and one today.

yes obviously, wat better day than the teachers day to show ur love n affection and gratitude to them? hence this post.

Sriram said...

Subha semma nostalgia..
Amazingly written..
Ulla irukkara feelings ah yenna beautiful ah express pannirukka.
Ganbagam varudhae, ganbagam varudhae dhaan po..

Hats Off ma.
I am taking a bow for ur superb writing..

MMC said...

great post on a great day......and since I know the first two teachers you've mentioned, I can clearly understand the emotions behind the posts and also vouch for all what you've written.......

ss said...

i got so emotional while riting this post. all these teachers r so close to my heart. and thanks for such generous complements.

ya i swear I needed to do this post today. afterall, i can show my love, affection n gratitude by riting some posts like this and remembering them.btw, i did call lakshmi teacher today n wished her too. not many liked jeyalakshmy teacher, but to me she was such a simple lady. its sad that she had to leave us all so soon.

Clueless said...

Oopps, sorry I noticed that you dint post 2 the same day. Sorryf or the goof up

sudha said...

Hey subh beautifully wriiten re...great post of gratitude on a great day..keep up the good work sweets :-))

ss said...

thats goof ups, dont worry

thank u so much

Praveen Daniel said...

Ya true..Teachers make a significant change in our life.Nice to see to gud list of teachers U liked..Cool!!!

ss said...

there r a couple of more teachers I like..but those mentioned here r my all time favs