Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As luck will have it...

If you have a mobile and you leave it somewhere, it is carelessness, BUT if you put it in your handbag and is looted by someone, it is badluck

If you wear a slightly torn cloth without noticing it, it is carelessness, BUT if you are neatly dressed and your dress gets stuck in a nail and gets torn, it is bad luck

If you wear a ring in your finger and misplace it somewhere, it is carelessness, BUT if one or two stones from that ring fall off somewhere, then it is bad luck

If your friend gives you her valuable stuff and asks you to keep it with you to collect it later on and you forget it, it is carelessness, but if it gets lost when it is in your guardianship, it is bad luck.

Guess my poor friend "R" is terribly hit by bad luck, for all the above mentioned things happened to her.


Sriram said...

Sympathies to ur poor "R' friend..
Idhellaam vaazhkkail sagajam dhaanae, idhukkellaam feel pannaama, andha bad luck ai ninaichu sirikka sollu ma..

Nallaa portray panni yezhudhirukka as i was jus wondering wats going on in ur mind regarding ur next topic nu.

Indha kumudam, vikatan la vara thodar kadhaigal laam padikarchae aduttha episode Sujatha / balakumaran / etc yenna yezhudhuvaar nu oru curiosity and inquisitiveness irukkum la, andha maadhri aana oru yedhirpaarppu dhaan un blogs kkum..

keep blogging and have fun.. super ma..

ss said...

enna ithu? over build up enna pathi..comeon..ya my frnd is also laughing at the whole episode now. anyways, her stint with bad luck gave me a topic to blog upon.

Albert Einstein said...

I was wondering what is it all about till the last line. Etho thathuvam madhiri irundhadhu. Cho chad for your "R" friend. But think it this way - Good reason to buy a latest mobile etc...(Yeah I know the pinch of it on the money aspect because I also lost mobile recently)

pooja said...

Sorry for your friend R, but these things are common. I have been a victim to the first type of incident.Cant help it

ss said...

ellarum ungala mathiri positive mindsetoda iruntha problem varathu. but my poor frnd had to face all these things on the very same day.and am sure u have the biggest count of buying mobile fones cos of either loosing one or cos u stepped over ur mobile with ur bike.

these things r beyond anyones ctrl, but wats sad is that all the above mentioned things happened to R the very same day.

Clueless said...

True descriptions
But thank GOD I have not yet come across anything of thees sorts till now

ss said...

then u r really lucky

sudha said...

Sad that all the ill luck has to strike your friend the same day, but may be something big is in store for R

Praveen Daniel said...

Oh Oh!!....kaekavae koncham kashtama thaan iruku regarding ur R friend..But u c..Life is always not like that..when u have a DOWN u will have an UP also following hope all things happen well n gud to ur R hereafter.. :)

ss said...

R has recovered from all the ill luck and is back to normal