Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Man proposes & God disposes

Everyday was a good day, but no longer.I had always hated this.I would do anything just to skip this.Everytime when I was asked to do it, I have mostly managed to evade the job given to me and when I have done it, I have done it half heartedly.

I thought I can always get away with it. But man proposes and GOD disposes.Ya, I cut onions almost E.V.E.R.Y. single day and all by myself. Bah!


Sanjay said...

Haha!I have had the same thought and I have asked god why me? Looks like cutting onions is dreaded by many!

clueless said...

Kalakkiputta po.Vengayam cut panrathukkum kadavulukkm mudichu pottu oru post eluthittey.Nee nadathu ma.

ss said...

i think its somethin todo with the crying wen u cut onions that scares ppl


pooja said...

I understand dearie. :)-

Vish said...

I stumbled upon this blog while checking for some tips on cutting onions without crying.You have a good blog.

ss said...


welcome to my blog