Friday, April 11, 2008


Apart from all the book knowledge, interns and what the professors impart, what does an MBA offer you? I mean what are the takeaways from the MBA course one pursues?

1.You are not an MBA until and unless you use the jargons like strategy,planning, marketing for every question you are asked.

2.You worship internet and especially GOOGLE.

3.Giving treats and attending various parties become the order of the day..oopps night!Mind you, the whole class asks for a party simply because you wore a new shirt that day.

4.Like begets like. So the Tamil clang clings to tamil, mallu gang clings to mallu and so on.And all they wait for is a move release of their language.

5.It is most likely that when you pass out of college, you not only pass with a job, but with a girl friend/ boy friend.

6.The campus will be like a mini India where people from all states study and in all probabilities you pick up some Hindi.But it doesnt end there. You neither speak proper hindi, nor proper english. You need to use ki / abbey for every sentence you speak. For eg, " abbey what I am telling you ki, lets do it now itself".


pooja said...

Woohoo what a creative post! ROFLMAO!! Simply funny.

ss said...

thanks hon!

clueless said...

HAHA!!Why do we like your blog?? Its precisely because of posts like these. Way to go.

ss said...

thanks, am honoured.

Sanjay said...


ss said...

thank u