Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sometimes after a fight

Wife: I am sorry
Husband: Sorry ellam ethukku?
Wife:I am saying sorry no, accept it.
Husband: Namakkulla ennada sorry?
W:Just say I am forgiven.Please.
H:Ok,you are forgiven.
W:No, you didnt mean that.
H:Ennada sollra? How do you know that?
W: I will know it.
H:I cant take this anymore, please da, dont make me beg.
W: Oh ya, I only make you beg all the time no?
H: Naan appdi solla varala da.
W:Ok, what I said was stupid and silly, now just leave it.
H:Dei, ennada ithu, oru vishayatha pottu ippdi pannara?
W:Enna panren?
H: Freeya viden da.Athaan sorry solli oknnum solliaachey?
W: So? Does that mean I shud shut up?


clueless said...

Intha ponnungale ippdi thaannu sollanumnu irukku. Anna ippothaiku post nalla irukkunu sollikkaren

clueless said...

Just noticed, whats happening? orey the blogging spree? posts every alternate day huh?


It looks like the start of new fight. does the blog intend to say women are the chief architect of quarrels?

ss said...

not necessary that women r the architects of the fites, sometimes it happens otherway too.etho oru vaati naan thappu senjuttenu..ippdi generalisationkku varatheenga. and abt the posts, ya i have ample time now , hence making use of it to blog.

pooja said...

Its probably the most common and most understood verbal communication since the evolutaion of verbal dialect. I need to show this to hubby so that he knows I am not the only one carrying an argument like this. I was nodding my head all the way.

Gomathy said...

well I just have 2 say that it happens usually :|

ss said...

welcome aboard!i say we r best buddies...(winks)

athu seri

Manikandan said...

The same sort of things happen to me daily... but,I enjoy it... :D

Arabinda said...

I was picturing you and Siddh with those arguments and I could clearly visualize it. I like this post.

ss said...

I am laughin readin ur happens quite often at our place. and ya u know it