Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Traffic rules -here & there

I am in awe with the traffic rules here and more so with the way people obey it.But I dont even remember seeing or reading a traffic rules book in India.Now you know how the traffic rules in India must be.A few days back, one of my friend left a comment in my blog about the traffic in USA and in India. So, I try and compare them here.

Here, there are traffic rules which are religiosly followed, and back in India, people try and reverse engineer the traffic rules.

You follow lanes to the core.But in India, you drive anywhere on the road.Some prefer to keep left, while some dont even bother about the white line in the middle of the road.

I havent heard honking sound here.In India, you blare your horn like mad especially when you are stuck in a traffic jam and you cant even move a bit.

Your car meets with even the smallest of an accident, you call the cop.But back in India, its nothing but customary to exchange some bad words if you hit a motorist or another car.

Cows, dogs, cats and sometimes pigs have their way on the road in India.Roads are strictly meant for vehicles only in USA.

Seatbelts are mandatory here .What?We Indians are brave, we can show how brave we are, come see us driving two wheelers without helmets and cars without fastening the seat belts

Some of the best aasanas in yoga are performed by people while they try and cross the gates closed for railway crossing. Its a treat to watch in India.


pooja said...

Funny read as always!Quite a good observation I must say.And how about motorists driving in the opposite ditection in the same lane?Good old India right? This is what makes India the home sweet home right?

clueless said...

Looks like you have done a good research on the traffic scenario in both countries.It for sure made for a funny read.

ss said...

oh ya, i missed that.


Sanjay said...

Absly funny.Been there, seen that, Well written.

Yagyaraman said...

Good one. Itha....Itha than nan ethir pathen. Good post. But in India you have the liberty of putting left indicator, showing right hand for a turn and go STRAIGHT (as said by Vivek in a movie).

ss said...

am sre all of us have been there and seen that.

oh yes, this post is the result of ur comment that u gave in my blog a few days back.and neenga sonna observ ationum 100% rite.