Friday, April 25, 2008


Imaginary He- She( IHS) series

SHE: Hi, enna innikku officela irunthu seekirama vanthuttiya?

HE: Ya.weekend mood.Amaam, nee enga poittu vara?

SHE: I went to see my friend "G"

HE:Seri va, namma tiffin saapadalam.

SHE: What? so you cooked?

HE: Ya, I made rava upma.

SHE: How sweet of you,officela irunthu seekirama vanthu tiffinum panni vechurukka.

HE: Illa, nee eppothum rava upmava kindi koozh mathiri seyyara, athaan innikku naan correcta pannalameynu senjurukken.

SHE: ##@@@$$$$?????


clueless said...

Excellent ultimate mindblowing hilarious post as ever.

Me thinks you can rename the IHS as The aappu series'

ss said...


SiDdHArT said...

hi.. Blogging has become a ful time business is it..?? long since i came to visit ur blog.. enjoy.. your IHS series is gaining more n more popularity i guess..!!!;)

ss said...

where were u? missed u badly. glad u r back/ oh ya. am seriously into this IHS series now..its fun rite?

pooja said...

Awww making rava upma is an art ( for that matter any kind of upma). After some miserable attempts, I have almost got it right now.The IHS series rocks!

Sanjay said...

Top tucker post. IHS series really rocks

ss said...

making upma? that wud b a post by itself.