Friday, May 2, 2008


Unpolished shoes
Kizhinju pona socks, hidden under the pants
Bath in the morning, thala neraya coconut oil
Amma hurriedly packing the lunch in the 3 deck aluminium tiffin carrier
Thakkali sadham, egg inside the rice
Butter milk in an old ruchi ooruga bottle
Butter milk stains in the lunch bag
Loud chatter and chaos in the classroom
PT sessions
Book cricket during social studies class
Paper rockets

Oh boy....what fun


pooja said...

Absslly nostalgic

Sanjay said...

Oh boy what fun- seriously.Cycling all the way to school, spilling ink on fellow friends, throwing chalk...I can go on and on. You rekindled fond memories.

ss said...

sorry for the delay in accepting the comments..had been terribly lazy..sanjay, u hit the nail!

clueless said...

Post kalakkal.Summa irukkama, itha mathiri eluthi enna malarum ninanivugalukku poga vechudara. Delayed commentkku manichukko.

Vish said...

This post took me back to my school days

ss said...

welcome back


Albert Einstein said...

Very true. Feel like we are missing those wonderful moments. But had to accept the fact that it would happen only in malarum ninaivugal now :-). Excellent writing.