Friday, May 16, 2008

Gut Feeling

IHS series

& SHE are travelling to a friend's place for the first time.

SHE:We are totaly lost, no phone coverage. and noone around to ask for directions

HE: Enna panrathu?

SHE: At times like these, your gut feeling really works.What do you say?

HE: I think we should head southwards,thats what my gut feeling says.

SHE: OK, lets head northwards then,its always E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. the opposite of your gut feeling that works.

HE: ##$$$$@@@@@^^****


clueless said...

Yaaayyy to the aapu series...oooppss to the IHS series.Witty one as ever.

pooja said...


ss said...



satish said...

lol really gud one..weightu post subha :D but since its ur blog i guess its this way otherwise my gut feeling says it wud have been the other way around :P

ss said...

ada pavi

Sanjay said...

lol he she drive each other nuts huh? funny

Anonymous said...

It is sad that you treat your hubby this way and make it look like the reverse and also call it imaginary. Pity you

ss said...


Oh the trolls !idont need to have a disclaimer here saying wat happens at my home.And I have ritten posts where it involves me n my husband and thats been clearly mentioned in the posts.Get a life now.

The Girl-Next-Door-Software-Engineer said...

good one!!! very funny!!! :) and true too ;) ;)