Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Summer

In the last one month that I had called my family in India, I get to hear how hot and humid it is.Love it or loathe it, the peak summer is bound to stay with you atleast for a good 2 months.The month MAY reminds me of the blessed dullness that a scorching mid day brings along with it.

* Better hygiene as you end up taking several showers.
*Crisply dried laundry
*Trickle of sweat on the back
* Long afternoons
*Darboos everywhere
* Pieces of kirni liberally sugar coated and left to cool in the fridge
*Mangoes in all form- juce, shakes et all
* More mangoes in the form of maavadu, thokku
*Elaneer, nongu
*Butter milk ( neer moru) prepared with ginger, tiny black msutard seeds, corrainder leaves floating on the buttermilk sea
* Mottai maadi thookam
*Paati swirling a handfan over me and chasing away the heat
and lastly
hoping that the summer would come to an end.


Sanjay said...

I miss it terribly

ss said...

i think me too..i dint even realise it initially and everytime i spoke to folks back at home, they talked bat the summer and it was then i realised that am missing it.

pooja said...

Talk about natural detoxification .
Its amazing to know that you miss the summer. All I hear is oh its so hot and here is this woman who misses summer. AWwww

clueless said...

Yabba chennaila veyil koluthuthu.But the evening visit to marina beach, thenga manga sundal more than makes up for it.

ss said...

I like the summer along with the heat and humidity, especially for all these that i have stated here.

bliss- sitting on the sands of the beach
yum- the thenga manga sundal