Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Husband in the kitchen

Purpose: To make Vada

An assessment....

  • Chopped onions, chillies and curry leaves strewn on the floor
  • Kitchen messed up to a great extent
  • Maximum dirt on the outside of the mixerjar
  • As many spoons/ forks used and scattered
  • Sink with an uphill of vessels to be washed
  • Onion peels flying in the air

Satisfaction : Highly staisfied for not needing to enter the kitchen to make something. Had some relaxing time watching tv and browsing the net.

Conclusion: Totally worth it and absolutely Y.U.M.M.Y. vadas.

Count of vadas: More than 8.


pooja said...

Lucky you.Your hub does all this, mine doesnt even know to make some tea.I am all "J"

Sanjay said...

LOL!That is indeed a good assessment.Poor husband needs to hear all this from you after making some delicious vadas for you. Hmmphhh

ss said...

Oh ya am lucky.

who else can i rite abt if not my husband?

satish said...

ur assessment is more like a critique at work rather than a mere athan first ellam negatives um sollitu then as an afterthot u have added "yummy vadas"..poor

clueless said...

Aduppangarail ambadayan..eppdi irukku intha title?Assessment kalakkal.

ss said...

hmm paavam thaan.

title? thaangala