Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food Cravings

First few weeks in US -
when you are just settling down and friends give you what they cook-anything in the name of food is good. Friends are god sent.

Next few weeks -
self cooking- Wow, I cook well and the food is yum.

The weeks thereafter -
same rice sambar and vetha kuzhambu, lets try out different cusines..Mexican, Italian..etc.Taco bell is heaven.

After some tryst with multi cusine eat outs -
Oh, nothing like Indian food. Let me hit the Indian restaurant here.

After lot of naans, chaat items, panneer butter masala, gobi manchurian at the local Indian Restaurant -
homely saappadu is what I am craving for.

After some mental picturisation of home made dosai, idli, pongal -
call up mom / MIL and ask them when are they coming here?


clueless said...

Namma chennaila ellamey irukappa.Dosai, aayakada idli, vadai.kaiyendhi bhavanla sapdra tastey thani. I guess I have done justice to further increase your cravings.

clueless said...

Post summa nachunnu irukku.

ss said...

u reminded me abt chennai and the variety foods at easy reach...now go away from my blog

pooja said...

I so hear you hon!I have the same feeling inspite of being in India , but far from home. I undrestand how it must be when you are in Uncle Sam's.But you know what you are a good cook yourself and your hubby seems to be doning the chef role too.

satish said...

haha awesome post subha..typical of the first few months in US..hehe reminds me of how happy i was wen i had gone to Saravan bavan in NYC the first time..i was like god Saravan bavan rocks :D


i empathize with u Subha

ss said...

ya, hubby does save me at times. but ntohing like eating food made by moms rite?

u have a saravana bhavan there..poor me!we have some Indian resto here, but u get bored once u go there repeatedly.

i knw u wud b able to empathise with me...u r sailing in the same boat..

Albert Einstein said...

Excellent post. Good writing once again.......

It is same with the case of people in India who are not in Tamil nadu or not with their family :-) I can understand the feeling :-)

ss said...

thanks.ya i totally undstand wat it is like to stay away from home and to eat hotel food. but atleast bangalore has uncountable variety restos...so once in a while atleast it shud b gud for u...thinkin of bangalore, am reminded of the gobi manchurian u get there...how sad i can only drool over it.and ya, ippo thaan ungalukku top class sappadu vetlaye "avanga" senju tharaangale

Sanjay said...

You hit the nail.Nothing like homely food. This post speaks volumes for bachelors, grad students here.South Indian food anytime, anywhere.

ss said...

Hail south indian food.