Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grandparents are GOD sent

I have always envied those who have both their grandparents cos I havent seen either of my thatha.-neither paternal nor maternal.Is it possible that u miss someone u havent seen at all, but only heard of? Atleast I fall into this category of missin my paternal grandfather whom I havent seen in my life. I do treasure some of the things like a box, some currency notes that he has used which I have duly inherited from my grandma.I dint let my grand ma use it..and I refuse to give it to anyone else too. Watever happens, I wud never spend those currency notes.I have grown up listening to all kinds of stories abt my grandfather and they have all left me inspiring. I never wonder if paati used to feel bad cos I end up talking only abt thatha all the time.And over a period of years, I have started admiring him for what he was. He was a simple school teacher.

My first prayer/ wish/ request always goes to him..and he always grants watever I ask for and wish for.My mom always tells me " thatha mattum irunthuruntha nee ippdi irukkavey matta.innum nanna irunthuruppa".I wish he was with me..ya naan innum nanna irunthu iruppen.

Thatha i miss uuuu


Anonymous said...

this is priya. i was really moved by this part. i really got tears in my eyes after reading this.

Arabinda said...

I never saw my maternal grandfather, but I have never missed him, mainly because I heard so little about him. It is a good post. Next time I go to India, I'll find more about him.