Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Little Little Pleasures

Jotting down all that is pleasurable to me, that brings happiness to me..

.Talking to chinnu, playing with chinnu

.Waiting for the weekend to talk to SID

.Having an ice cream

. Dairy Milk any time of the day

.Opening my inbox and finding SID's mail there. I have been so crazy abt this one a few years ago..used to get up early in the mornings( real odd times) just to start my day with his mails

.Wash the face and not dry it with a towel..oh i just love the chillness

.Ammas samayal

.Whenever I am appreciated



.Whenever I buy a new ear ring

.The last day of the month wen I get my salary credited

.Whenever I pray, am totally at peace with myself..and that itself brings so much happiness
.Train journeys

.Everytime I eat Paneer


.Chit chatting with my grandma

.Gossiping with family members

.Shopping- I can go about shopping for hours n hours.

Going home to Kerala

.Flowers- oh ya i like them when they are NOT plucked

.Being alone- its really nice at times when u get to be all alone

.My Pune life-2 years

.Naming all my soft toys- I have quite a big collection

Everytime I am pampered

Guess this is it for now..Well, I have tagged a few people..lets see when they come up with theirs..Sudha, Rama and Manoj..make it soon


sudha said...

hey it was a real pleasure knwing lil lil pleasures of urs which almost completes mine too!! well soon i shall post mine :0))

Manoj said...

Plsnt surprse seein u in here....ha, a companion in blogosphere.....

sudha said...

hey..im done with mine!! thnx for tagging me in ..it was pleasure writing

clueless said...

wow such cute pleasures.they are so nice
may god bless you