Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things which are, but are not...

It was just yesterday that I posted my little little pleasures..But that sounded too perfect isnt it? Well, things dont happen that ways in real here are a few things that I get so excited about but which finally goes PHEWWW..Read on..

1. When I shop for a top and is so happy about it -only to come home and find that it doesnt fit me all that well and perfect

2.When I think of cooking a specific dish with orey imaginations of how my amma makes the same dish- only to see it coming out miserably

3.When I decide what dress I need to wear and what hairdo I shud be in, the previous day itself- only to get up the next day morning with a bad hair.

4.Arguing so much with SID - only to eat my own words later and keep asking sorries.

5.Getting a facial done and coming all excited to office wanting to be complemented- only to be asked by people "why are your eyes so tired?" Why do you look so dull?

6.Eagerly waiting for the weekend to chat with SID- only to find my internet not connecting.But thankfully, this happens rarely

7.Buying chikoos and slurping at the very thought of eating them- only to find them all not as good as they were when I bought them. Somehow, they become too soggy by the time I reach home. I must say I am bad at picking fruits and vegetables

8.Wanting to sleep long and get up real late after the noon- only to find my servant maid ringing my door bell early at 6 in the morning.

9.Getting some real good ideas on what to blog in the night- only to forget them totally the next morning

10. Posting a blog thinking to be the best of my works ever- only to find "0" comments to that post


sudha said...

Hey sweetoo...nicely written..gud one

ss said...

thanks a lot. i know u r always encouraging

sudha said...

The "arguing with SID" part is so true of you

deepa said...

You write so well, never knew this

pooja said...


Arabinda said...

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