Friday, April 20, 2007

for chinnu

Today is my chinnus 3rd b'day.May god bless my darling baby with all that she wants.chinnu kutti..shubha chithioda uyir da nee. happy b'day molu


sudha said...

Hey Chinnu dear Bday kya..hey my loads of kisses and wishes to darling baby!!

Anonymous said...

hey shub
finally ninney ividey kandethi. glad. your niece looks so cute.


ss said...

where r u> y dont u start blogging too? chinnu is cute no? obviously she has to niece alley

Anonymous said...

she is really cute. i like her.

Ranju said...

Thats your niece? how sweet .Guess she is in the Us right?

pooja said...

awww the baby looks so cute
hugs to her